Life Thrives Here

Life Thrives Here

Nature First is our commitment to crafting wines in a world where the planet, flora, fauna, water sources, soils, the carefully-balanced ecosystem, and its people come first, always.

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Preserving Nature

The Gran Reserva vineyards directly contribute to the conservation and protection of 1,128 hectares of native forests. This, in turn, helps to preserve and protect local biodiversity. On average per vineyard, a total of 105 species of fauna and 48 species of flora have been registered, including the black-necked swan, native to the southern coastal region of South America, highly prevalent along the Rapel River, and the natural emblem we’ve chosen to represent the ideals behind the wines we craft.


It’s a two-way street

Our rivers don’t drink their own water and our trees don’t eat the fruit they bear. The sun doesn’t shine for its own benefit and the flowers don’t spread their natural fragrance to please themselves. For every hectare of vineyard, another hectare of native forest is planted. 100% of the electricity used to make Gran Reserva come from renewable solar energy sources. Each and every bottle of Gran Reserva is made using grapes from estate-owned, sustainably-managed vineyards. To live for others is a rule of nature. We take care of nature, just as nature takes care of us.

Healthy, responsible, and eco-friendly

Gran Reserva wines are for the environmentally conscious; for people who work to preserve and protect the planet, who pay attention to where their wines come from and how they are made.