The Collection

The Collection

Four varieties, two denominations of origin, one solid commitment to preserving nature. Each varietal in the Gran Reserva Collection is intrinsically connected to the riverbanks of Chile and crafted in such a way as to protect and preserve the nature that surrounds us. The incredible biodiversity and cool climate of Chile’s riverbanks provide exceptional conditions for winegrowing, generously giving us what we need to bottle wines that are full of life and brimming with tremendous expression.

A long finish

Made from grapes that grow in the Ucúquer Vineyard, close to a ravine on the southern bank of the Rapel River and notably influenced by the Pacific Ocean, this is a bright, glistening, straw yellow Sauvignon Blanc that offers distinguished intensity.

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Intensely aromatic

Made from grapes that grow in the Palo Santo Vineyard, Colchagua Valley, close to the banks of the Tinguiririca River, this is a deep, dark, silky Cabernet Sauvignon with surprisingly soft tannins.

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Cherry-smooth tannins

Made from grapes that grow in the Peumo Vineyard, close to the beautiful banks of the Cachapoal River, this is an lusciously red and aromatic Carménère that offers an expressively long finish.


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Black-fruit density

Made from grapes that grow in the Palo Santo Vineyard, Colchagua Valley, and directly influenced by the Tinguiririca River, this is a majestically purple Malbec with soft tannins and plums on the nose.

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The conscious growers behind the craft

When you choose to craft consciously, as we do, your wines are only ever as sustainable and expressive as the winegrowers in charge of taking them  from soil to table.

The iconic wines of
Marcio Ramírez

Sustainable winegrowing is at the heart of every harvest led by Marcio Ramírez. A key figure in the implementation and continued development of our sustainable vineyards, Marcio is an advocate for crafting wines that are at one with nature. “Gran Reserva wines are a true expression of their origin; a true reflection of the influential rivers and sustainable practices that carry them from vine to bottle.”

The elegant Whites of Max Weinlaub

Max Weinlaub, expert winemaker of varietal Whites, is a leading figure in the craft of sustainable wines. We know that Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most challenging strains for a winemaker to cultivate, but Max demonstrates the versatility, expression and elegance that this grape is capable of delivering. For him, the best version of this noble variety comes from the Ucúquer estate, where the Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc was brought to life.