Positive Impact in a Bottle

Positive Impact in a Bottle

We understand our environment as a Great Natural Reserve, full of life, inhabited by thousands of species that live in harmony. Our pledge is to craft great wines while respecting and protecting our planet’s biodiversity and its natural resources.

From soil to table

Each and every grape that’s used to craft a bottle of Gran Reserva is cultivated using sustainable practices from start to finish, from soil to table.

Water use, solar energy, and native forest care

With every single harvest, we measure the extent of our social and environmental impact and we’re committed to making decisions that consider long-term consequences. We are forever reducing the amount of water we use, our electricity comes from renewable sources, and we’re a certified member of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®/FSC-C154029), demonstrating our constant commitment to sustainable forest management.

Preserving Nature in Five Ways

We take our sustainable philosophy beyond concept, acting upon our values in five careful ways. It’s a journey that we’ve willingly embarked upon; one that has no end.

What does it mean to be a B-Corp?

Concha y Toro has demonstrated complete commitment to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal responsibility. It’s a commitment that helps us to maintain the balance between craft, benefit, and purpose.

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What makes us water responsible?

Concha y Toro has secured a 90% efficiency on water consumption and reduced its water footprint by 10% in just three years.

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How do we power our processes?

Concha y Toro chooses to invest in clean, renewable energy. 100% of the electricity used to elaborate Gran Reserva wines come from renewable energy sources.

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Why do we protect native forests?

Concha y Toro conserves native forest areas in order to protect natural resources and take care of local biodiversity.

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What is our sustainable promise?

Concha y Toro uses only estate-owned grapes, cultivated in sustainably-managed vineyards, to craft each wine in the Gran Reserva collection.

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