Hygge: The art of living in the moment

Francisca JaraFrancisca Jara

Francisca Jara


Hygge is a Danish concept that, in turn, is practically a philosophy. It consists of appreciating the small pleasures of life and proposes that people learn to take things slowly, focusing on the now, enjoying every day, and connecting with gratitude.

The word Hygge (pronounced “hu-ga”) is of Norwegian origin, and although it has no direct translation into English and Spanish, its meaning is related to coziness and well-being. As Denmark has very long and cold winters, if you ask a Dane what Hygge is, they might tell you that it consists of sitting by the window watching the snow fall while drinking a glass of wine.

 However, we may practice it any time of the year. February 28th is Hygge Day, the perfect excuse to experience it. How? The book Hygge: Happiness in Small Things, by Meik Wiking, proposes a manifesto based on ten essential aspects:

A hygge moment can be range sharing a meal with friends at home. Also, go to a sauna with your partner and enjoy a glass of chilled Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc; take a bath surrounded by lit candles while reading your favorite book. It can also be watching the sunset on the beach wrapped in a blanket while you feel the sea breeze on your face and your bare feet touching the sand. Cold weather is not necessary to experience Hygge. We can also create outdoor moments in nature or in the middle of summer. It’s all about an attitude toward life.

In the case of wine, which we usually drink with a meal and in social situations, the invitation is also to enjoy it alone. Now that you know Meik Wiking’s Manifesto, you can take the opportunity to create an intimate moment, for example, enjoying a glass of Gran Reserva Carmenere and forgetting your worries for a moment.

The idea is to relax, feel comfortable, and be free. As you can see, you don’t need much to enjoy life’s little pleasures.