Gran Reserva unveils its new sustainable spirit in Chile

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Gran Reserva’s new positioning, which highlights the brand’s commitment to the environment and protecting biodiversity, was launched in Chile at an event held on April 21 at the Mastica restaurant in Santiago.

At the launch, Isabel Guilisasti, Vice President of Fine Wines and Corporate Image, discussed Gran Reserva’s positioning and environmental commitment; Valentina Lira, Sustainability Director, outlined the company’s sustainability strategy; and Verónica Hahn, Fine Wines Marketing Director, gave a more specific presentation on Gran Reserva and its brand image.
The event was also attended by Zdenka Astudillo, Executive Director of Sistema B Chile, who in her presentation highlighted the significance of Viña Concha y Toro obtaining the B Corp Certification in April 2021.
Guests were also able to enjoy a photography exhibition showcasing species that form part of the biodiverse ecosystem at the Ucúquer Vineyard, located on the banks of Chile’s Rapel River.
The second part of the event consisted of a tasting guided by winemakers Marcio Ramírez and Max Weinraub, in which Gran Reserva’s Sauvignon BlancCarmenere, and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties were tasted with a range of pairings.
“Today, it is not enough to produce high-quality wines if we are not aware of and responsible for the effects that our actions have on the environment and communities close to our operations. The Gran Reserva line is a launching pad for this firm commitment by Viña Concha y Toro”, said the brand’s Head Winemaker, Marcio Ramírez.
As such, “we have implemented a range of actions and continuous improvement, both in our vineyards and wine cellars, to ensure that our wines reflect not only our commitment to excellence, but also the fact that we have to preserve local biodiversity”, added Max Weinlaub, the winemaker responsible for producing Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc.