Sauvignon Blanc: A Beach Wine

Francisca JaraFrancisca Jara

Francisca Jara


There’s something about Sauvignon Blanc that reminds you of the ocean. Not only is it the most refreshing wine to beat the heat, but drinking a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc with your feet in the sand is quite the experience.  

This wine could become your best ally with the elevated temperatures we’re experiencing in the Southern Hemisphere this summer. 

When it’s hot outside, our common sense drives us to prefer wines that can be enjoyed cold (even on ice, although wine purists may balk at the idea). That is why young, dry white wines work so well. They pair well with fresh foods like salads and ceviche and are perfect for quenching our thirst. 

Sauvignon Blanc is a varietal that grows exceptionally well in coastal climates. The influence of the ocean breeze can help it develop its distinctive herbal notes, which happens in the semi-arid coastal environment of the Ucúquer Vineyard. 

Located in the Colchagua Valley, at an altitude of 170 m.a.s.l., along the southern banks of the Rapel River and just 14 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, this is the birthplace of Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc. An incredibly aromatic mineral wine with notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and herbs, it is fresh, intense, and long-lasting on the palate. But it also shares many characteristics of white wines from cold climates, including a high acidity, low alcohol content (12.5%), and an extremely light body. These features make Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc an ideal wine for the summer, perfect for packing in a cooler for a day trip to the beach, thanks to its easy-open screw cap. 

Remember to find some shade to keep the wine as cold as possible. We also recommend filling up your glass sparingly; pouring more often than having a full glass of hot wine is better.