Helping to reforest the Viña del Mar Botanical Garden

Francisca Jara


Gran Reserva not only reforests its own fields. After the fires that consumed 90% of this important garden, they supported with the donation of 2,000 native trees that seek to bring life back to the park.

Celebrating the existence of trees and raising awareness about the importance of their conservation, both outside and inside forests, cities or mountains, is the purpose behind World Tree Day, which is commemorated this June 28.

Essential for life on our planet, the tree – among many other functions – transforms carbon dioxide (responsible for the greenhouse effect), minimizes the risk of flooding and prevents erosion. For this reason, the wave of fires that affected the Fifth Region of Chile in February 2024, and whose catastrophic consequences consumed more than 90% of the Viña del Mar Botanical Garden, did not leave Viña Concha y Toro indifferent, nor its Gran Reserva brand.

Oriented towards the production of wines under practices that seek to achieve sustainable development, for Gran Reservareforestation has become an essential action to achieve this purpose. This is how they decided to take action after the tragedy that occurred in the Botanical Garden of Viña del Mar, supporting with the donation of 2,000 native trees, specifically of the Quillay species. “It is a vigorous native species, it attracts insects, it is resistant to drought, a great supplier of pollen for honey bees and of saponin (extract from the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries). It is a very ductile plant that adapts to different types of environments and is one of the fastest to propagate,” explains Pablo Lagos, one of the leaders of the Viña Concha y Toro Reforestation Plan.

This is the species that “is currently being propagated in the Rauque Nursery, located in Pencahue, near the Lourdes farm, through the sowing of Quillay seeds collected on our Villa Alegre farm,” adds Pablo Lagos. Who refers to the work they do in this 1,000m2 nursery, where each year they plant between 15,000 and 20,000 native plants

The planting of these 2,000 trees has not been carried out because has to be on the planting season to ensure their survival. However, the trees have already been delivered to the Botanical Garden authorities, who will seek to bring life back to this importante park.

This is another action that demonstrates Gran Reserva’s commitment to the environment, although it is not the first time it has been done. In 2023 they also provided similar support to the Municipality of Quirihue, to which they delivered 2,000 native Quillay and Hawthorn spice trees.

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